The emergence of new diseases, changes in lifestyle, social evolution, the complexity of technological resources as well as many other factors, makes research of new therapeutic solutions an ever pressing necessity.

By the 1990s, we began our Research and Development (R&D) project. In the last decade we saw the birth of our own medicines. We are building our way into research inspired by our strong motivation: Keeping life in mind.

The BIAL Group invests over 20% of its turnover in R&D. This is our major pledge: we are committed to discovering and developing innovative medicines.

Our R&D centre in Portugal is staffed by international teams of highly qualified people. It comprises chemists, pharmacologists, biochemists, physicians and pharmacists, all of whom are dedicated to finding new drugs, particularly in neurosciences.

Our scientific team centralizes all the areas involved in the process of finding new medicinal products: chemical, pharmacological and clinical investigation. We collaborate with investigators and scientists from universities, industry and research centers to deliver the best solutions to health professionals, patients and their families.

In recognition of BIAL's commitment to research and development, the group is a member of the European Federation of Pharmaceutical Industries and Associations (EFPIA), the respected federation of leading research firms in the European pharmaceutical sector.

R&D and innovation principles

We regard Research and Development as a strategic area for the group. We are committed, through knowledge and innovation management, to systematically and sustainably developing innovative medicines that are approved by the scientific community, regulators and the market, and which consequently bring value to health professionals and patients alike.

  • We therefore ensure that our employees have the ideal conditions for critical and innovative thinking that can be applied to our research and development activities.
  • We foster a rigorous culture, underpinned by scientific and technological knowledge, coupled with the various facets of project management, in compliance with all the requirements expected of our activity.
  • We nurture a motivated, creative and highly qualified workforce, stimulating innovative ideas that can be developed into projects which are likely to generate value for the market and society at large.