International Epilepsy Day

06 February, 2021

The 8th of February marks the International Epilepsy Day, a day of enormous relevance for the community of patients and their families, who daily live with this pathology. Currently, epilepsy affects more than 50 million people worldwide making it a high incidence condition.

More than 10 years ago, BIAL began a journey in this therapeutic area, providing an innovative solution resulting from an important research and development effort, thus taking the first step in the commitment to epilepsy.

On this date, we want to reinforce our commitment and take a big step in raising awareness of this condition. One Big Step for Epilepsy is the motto of a campaign that includes a set of communications on digital and corporate channels and a page that will mirror several relevant facts for people living with epilepsy, their families and the general public:

Not only does BIAL want to take this huge step towards epilepsy, but it calls for everyone to join in this action and help to demystify and promote global awareness of epilepsy. How? Symbolically joining your steps to ours. Just add all your steps on this day, counted through your mobile phones, fitness bands or smartwatches, and insert them on the page

Each step is a contribution. Our contribution for Epilepsy.