The journal Current Opinion in Neurobiology published results of project supported by the BIAL Foundation

24 February, 2020

Carlos Ribeiro published in the scope of project 279/16 - Harnessing the power of closed-loop neuronal control to identify the circuit basis of decision making, supported by the BIAL Foundation, the paper Nutrient homeostasis — translating internal states to behavior in the journal Current Opinion in Neurobiology.


"Behavioral neuroscience aims to describe a causal relationship between neuronal processes and behavior. Animals’ ever-changing physiological needs alter their internal states. Internal states then alter neuronal processes to adapt the behavior of the animal enabling it to meet its needs. Here, we describe nutrient-specific appetites as an attractive framework to study how internal states shape complex neuronal processes and resulting behavioral outcomes. Understanding how neurons detect nutrient states and how these are integrated at the level of neuronal circuits will provide a multilevel description of the mechanisms underlying complex feeding and foraging decisions."