Project supported by the BIAL Foundation published in Journal of Humanistic Psychology

06 July, 2020

Christine Simmonds-Moore, principal investigator of the research project “329/16 - Exploring the correlates and nature of subjective apparitional experiences”, supported by the BIAL Foundation, published in the Journal of Humanistic Psychology the paper Synesthesia and the Perception of Unseen Realities.


“Exceptional experiences (ExE) incorporate a range of phenomena including subjective paranormal and transpersonal experiences. Synesthesia and synesthetic experiences are discussed as important variables in understanding the etiologies of ExE. The neural and psychological correlates of synesthetic experiences (associated with hyperconnectivity) are discussed in relation to ExE. It is argued that synesthetic processes enable both the detection and conscious perception of information from a range of sources that are usually unseen or inaccessible, including abstract, unlanguaged, preconscious, and potentially other nonlocal sources.”