Maria de Sousa Award increases total amount to 125 thousand euros and has now five winners

20 July, 2021

The Portuguese Medical Association and the BIAL Foundation decided to increase the number of awarded researchers and the global amount of the Maria de Sousa Award, which will take effect in the present and future editions.

The Award, launched in honour of the immunologist Maria de Sousa, will have a global amount of up to 125 thousand euros and will distinguish five winners.

This amendment is effective immediately, which means that the first edition, closed on May 30, will award five instead of just one researcher, as initially planned. The global amount of the Award thus rises from up to 25 thousand euros to up to 125 thousand euros, to be distributed among the five winners.

Luís Portela, president of the BIAL Foundation, explains that “this amendment follows on from the successful launch of the first edition of the Award, which is evident in the high number of applications received (84). We will continue to honour, now in an enhanced way, the memory of Maria de Sousa, the only purpose that led us, the Portuguese Medical Association and the BIAL Foundation, to establish this Award”.

Miguel Guimarães, president of the Portuguese Medical Association, points out that “the Maria de Sousa Award is being a huge success, either because of the interest it aroused in researchers, or due to the quality of the applications presented, information that we received from the Jury. This is the best way we have to enhance Maria de Sousa's scientific legacy and give it continuity”.

The Award will reward and support five young Portuguese scientific researchers, up to the age of 35, with research projects in ​​Health Sciences, including an internship in an international centre of excellence.